In our constant quest for the ultimate tea, the pillars on which we function are a heightened sensibility to picking the right kinds of tea leaves, an apt sense for procuring the crop at the right time, high quality tea standards, mastery of the complicated science of blending, and most importantly, the genuine pursuit of perfection. 

Tea creation starts with handpicking only the best tea leaves from the choicest gardens of Assam. They are selected on the basis of colour, taste, aroma, strength, appearance, and various other parameters. 

Only the best crops are picked after a lot of sample searching and stringent quality standard procedures. After shortlisting, the tea stock is sent for blending. 


The next important stage is Tea tasting.

Due to climatic conditions, topography, the manufacturing process, and different clones of the tea leaf, the final product has vastly different flavours and appearances. 

These flavours are segregated in order to ascertain the quality prior to blending tea. Each flavour and variant is scrutinised until its strengths don’t come up. They are then differentiated accordingly. 

For your soul’s enrichment, we have close to twenty variants of tea laid out for you.