Vikram Elaichi Tea – 1kg Pack


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Enriched with 100% natural ground cardamom (Elaichi) and no added essence, Vikram Cardamom Tea 1kg pack is like a breath of fresh air. Its intense aroma and soothing taste will mesmerize you. Every sip will take you on a journey to energize and revitalize you.​ Vikram Tea is unique in its blend, and that’s what commands well-entrenched loyalty.​

​Cardamom is know to be beneficial for skin, and heart health, improved blood circulation, potentially anti-inflammatory properties, and as a detoxifying agent.​

​Vikram Tea delivers tea from the best tea gardens in Assam and Upper Assam.​

​Go for Vikram Elaichi Tea and enjoy the 100% natural flavours of ground cardamom in each sip!​

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 25 cm


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