Vikram’s goal is to always give back to the society more than what it has received. And so, it actively does a lot of social work.

While Bhaishree Group has achieved several milestones, it has also kept in mind its responsibility of making a change in the society. Here are few initiatives taken by the Bhaishree Foundation:

Virangana on Women’s Day

An initiative where women from all spheres of life are lauded for their exemplary contribution to the society. We make sure they have a great time!


Ghanewadi Clean up Project

Bhaishreeji was amongst the first few individuals who realized the significance of water scarcity at Jalna. For the past many years, Bhaishreeji has been continuously working on de-silting process of Ghanewadi. The effort put in by the team will ensure that Jalna does not have to face drought situation in the future.

Samoohik Vivaah

A true social worker, Bhaishree has pledged to marry 51 girls every year in a “SAMOOHIK VIVAAH” which has now become almost like a tradition in the family.

Polio surgery image

Polio Surgery Camps

He has been instrumental in conducting “POLIO SURGERY CAMPS” – where people suffering from Polio are treated free of cost.