Welcome to Vikram Tea!

Where tea making is a passion and not just a profession.

The journey starts on bicycle in 1975 and by following only one dream "Worlds Best Quality Service To The Customers", today there is group of companies under single name i.e. Bhaishree Group .No wonder, the present technologically advanced company spread on around twelve acres of land, which is the dream child of a person Shri Rameshbhai C.Patel

Shri Rameshbhai C.Patel , commonly known as BHAISHREE by respecting his social work and humanity nature. A respected word BHAI means elder brother who runs the community as such; he is referred as "BHAISHREE"

A Person who started selling tea on bicycle and his sheer and persistence hard work gave a small place like Jalna, a reason to be proud of. He looks after purchase, production deeply because purchase and productions is the heart of quality.

About Vikram Tea

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  • Who we are?
    Vikram Tea Processor Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Rs.600 crore turnover Bhaishree Group that produces processed tea under various brands since 1975... more
  • What we do?
    The brands like Vikram, Vikram Gold, Lion No 5, Mayur Special Family Mix, Sagar and Titli have embarked unparallel success. Enclosed is the success story of an organization that is all set to stand out in the highly quality sensitive and competitive field of tea in a short span of time more
  • Humanity Services
    Company is involved in numerous social work and various humanity services under the kind and generous leadership of Shri Rameshbhai C Patel... more